A survey of interactions between a surface and an image—an object, and a text; I am the surveyor.
The image is a disembodied entity, which depends on the surface for its existence, without the surface,
the image would vanish; at the same time, the surface wouldn’t exist without the image. The presence
of the surface is deceiving—there, yet needs to be chosen and activated as other artistic means.

A book is a surface—a physical placeholder that for millennia has been an emblematic infrastructure
for the formation of civilizations, religions, and doctrines, and is thus physically marked by them.

As it appears, this doctrine of relationship is not one that expresses hierarchy of a surface over an image,
or vice verse: of an image over a surface. Indeed, if we were to analogize it to a syntax doctrine, which
traditionally indicates hierarchy, then the surface is both an active verb and a passive object, as well
as the image.

The accuracy of the interaction between a surface and an image is an epiphany; once this epiphany
occurs,an endless discourse of interactions flows broadly. This is the magnitude that allows and enables
the appearance of actual interactions found in human experience, such as the discourse between memory
and reality, or map and territory.